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My name is Rosalie Huxford. I have a degree in English Literature and am an active member of the Society of Children's Books Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI). 

I love using mix mediums such as ink, watercolor and color pencils. I love to draw anything from nature, animals and people. It's hard to say what is my favorite thing to draw because I feel like I am always growing as an artist and love learning how to draw new things. 

Since I was a toddler, drawing has always been my favorite activity. Disney movies and characters were my favorite and what inspired me to really teach myself how to draw. I used to spend hours illustrating stories and talking to myself out loud as I drew my characters, and yes, used up a ton of paper in the process. 

For years it was always something I enjoyed doing on my own privately, but now I am ready to share this part of me with you all. I have always been intrigued by other artists and eager to learn new techniques and take on new challenges. 

When I am not outside with my family or on a walk with our pup,Tasches, you can find me working on my art or a new story idea. 


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